Thursday, February 22, 2007

An Ad Break

An Ad Break

If some of us (and by some of us I mean me) have spent the last few days lurching from one alcohol fueled crisis (Saturday morning's not being able to wash my hair because I couldn't move my head without being sick sticks out) to another (Monday night's - or rather the early hours of Tuesday morning's - total freak-out that involved me rather pathetically sort-of-crying in the back of a taxi*) then it doesn't mean that the week has been unproductive for everyone. Oh no, just because I am doing my best to up the 'Binge Drinking Youth' statistics in the Daily Mail does not mean others are not finding safer, more creative (if potentially only minorly less embarrassing) ways of entertaining themselves.

So the Florence to my Fred** has got himself a blog. This amuses me greatly because it is clearly proof that my indoctrination works. It also scares me slightly because after months and months of painting pictures of Dean on DA he now has the chance to paint me. And he knows stuff that would really make me blush. Eeek.

To attempt to be concise - Dean rocks. For lots and lots of reasons he is one of my favourite people in the entire world - and he can knit! So go, read him and tell him you love him too.

*When I'm feeling slightly less embarrassed by the whole situation I may publish the blog I wrote about this. Or you might just have to wait for the memoirs.

**Get it? Ok, it makes us laugh.


Nik said...

Erm, I thought you weren't going to drink alcohol on Monday...

About a Burke said...

Hey Fred, your words are beautiful and mean the world. I'd give you a hug but my arms don't reach 200 miles xXx

Val said...

sorry, I don't get the Florence and Fred, unless you've started to do a lot of shopping in Tescos?!

Nik said...

Also, technically I've already told him that he rocks. Do I have to tell him again?

Corinne said...

Nik - I wasn't going to drink. I also wasn't going to stay after 10:00pm. I am rubbish. And, nah, don't want him getting a big head do we? ;-)

Florence - thank you, virtual hugs are always appreciated. See what happens when you leave me alone for this long? Disaster. ;-)

Val - Pearl and Dean, Will and Grace, Florence and Fred - it is indeed an allusion to the Tesco twosome, though I don't actually own any clothes from there. Maybe we were drunk when we decided on that.