Wednesday, January 17, 2007

We're Off To See The Wizard

We're Off To See The Wizard

"I'm looking for something for the Off To Oz night"

I smile, hopefully if slightly overwhelmed by the rows and rows of costumes that are confronting me.

"Right this way"

Dean - who is not coming but who has been dragged along to help - and I march after Wardrobe Lady.

"Start at the fancy dress section " - she demonstrates by pulling out swathes of material in a shade of green which is already giving me a headache - "and then have a browse"

Wardrobe Lady smiles and leaves. There's a pause.

"Find me a dress. Please". I look pityingly at Dean, hoping that me at my most pathetic might help atone for the fact that he is still telling people about me making him empty a bin at work.

"No problem".

Dean disappears. I try and pretend that I'm looking for something that would work in Oz, when in actual fact I'm gravitating towards the Regency dresses.

Within a couple of moments Dean has assembled two rather beautiful outfits. Whilst managing to have tried on a full parade of witches' hats.

"You so want to come".

With cloak and hat firmly on there's not much that Dean can do to deny it.

"So, it looks like I'm coming then".

"As a witch?"

"I was thinking more the flying monkey".

I giggle and march off to the dressing room.

First outfit is utterly beautiful. It's not a million miles away from the gold dress I wore to Cat's birthday on Saturday. But this is green and intricately patterned. And even though it was made for an actress, when I get it on it is revealed that I have a smaller waist that the actress in question. I am thinner than an actress. The day is getting better every second.

The second outfit is more overtly costume-esque; its label proclaims it to be a product of another Christmas Show at the WYP, in this case Little Shop of Horrors. Again it fits with ample room - oh, this is good for the post Christmas chocolate frenzy ego - and this time whilst I wouldn't necessarily wear this for a night out it makes me feel like I'm a character on stage. I start swooshing. This might just have to be the one.

Whilst I've been busy posing in the mirror Dean has discovered where all the animal costumes from Narnia are hiding. I'm not entirely convinced whether this a good thing or not, as he bounds through costume hire pretending to be various creatures.

It's at this point that we actually manage to locate the flying monkey costume from the last time that the Wizard of Oz was at the WYP. For a few moments I'm laughing so much that I can't breathe. Because if I learnt all about padding when I went to Belton Hall then that was nothing to the flying monkey padding which seeks to give the wearer both a bottom and a stomach. Dean, who resolutely has no bottom, starts doing surprisingly accurate impressions of Crazy In Love bottom dancing the moment he gets the outfit on. It's mildly surreal.

For all the comic value the Flying Monkey outfit is eventually vetoed on the grounds that it would undoubtedly involve the wings poking several audience members in the eye during the course of the night. And that's not something I want to have to deal about when I go back to work.

Almost two hours after we first entered Costume Hire, we depart arms loaded with bags.

"You know what I need now?"

Dean looks at me. "What?"

"A wig".

We look at each other. It's time to get a wig.

NB: Given the subject matter it would be remiss of me not to link to Val's blog. So there you go.

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Nik said...

i still can't believe you forgot your camera *rolls eyes*