Monday, January 01, 2007

"It's the tea lady!"

"It's the tea lady!"

I've just finished an eight hour shift at the WYP and am on my way home. REM playing in my ear I rummage through my bag to find my phone to check for any messages. I'm in the midst of doing this when it starts ringing.

Anonymous caller.

Only 'anonymous' really isn't that anonymous. Because the only calls I ever get that come up as anonymous are from the WYP. Before I answer I check my back to make sure that I haven't come home with one of the radios again. No offending bump this time. Phew.

I'm greeted with the words 'can you work tonight?' and I wonder if they've forgotten that I'm no longer an attendant. But I don't like to point this out, in case it looks like I'm being rude.

'Erm, I could but I don't have anything black to wear with me'.

'What are you wearing now?'

I look down. New trousers that I love because I bought them in a sixty second dash, fully expecting that they wouldn't fit and I would have to take them back, only to find that they were perfect and newer silky grey blouse with yellow flowers on it that I love because it is girly and yet still says that I have more power than I really should be given.

I explain this. Only without the power thing, because they don't need to know that.

'That's ok, we want you on coffee shop'

I don't process this fully and before I'm aware of what I'm doing I've agreed to get off the bus at the next stop and walk back.

I arrive back at the WYP.

"We need someone to work tomorrow too".

Because I have a disease that renders me incapable of saying the word 'no', I find myself saying 'yes - that's ok, I will work'.*

It's only when I'm walking to the coffee shop that my brain kicks in and I remember that I've worked coffee shop before. And that I swore never to do it again. And here I am having agreed to 12 hours work in said coffee shop. In the run up to New Year.

It's times like this that I suspect I was away reading Byron when common sense was being handed out.

I set up while hrrumphing as a couple of the attendants awaiting the start of their shifts laugh at me.

"Don't you have to wear a little black hat?"

I look directly at History Boy**, lazers shooting from my eyes.

"No I bloody do not".

I open the coffee shop, the bottle opener breaks and I get covered in coke before the till decides that it wants to beep at me for no clear reason. I start a mantra of 'this isn't normally my job' in a bid to explain my ineptitude. I suspect it only partially works. I tell a customer that I will love him forever because he pays with the correct change. He suggests we get married next week. I almost add 'if that means I don't have to operate this till any more then, yes, see you then'.

Whilst the other attendants are waiting for latecomers History Boy comes to dry the cups, passing back to me those that I blatantly haven't washed properly.

"You're going to learn how to say no, aren't you?"

The worst thing? I've come to love this theatre so much that I don't think I ever will.

* Dean and I have a running joke about our relative abilities to say 'no' and 'yes'. Dean has, without doubt, the most authoritive 'No' I have ever heard, it just stops all lifeforms dead in its wake. In contrast it's my 'Yes' that holds its power. Thus getting me into situations like this.

**Ok, I know, another blog mention. And a title quote. We'll leave it at that and just say that it has been noted.


My Secrets Inside said...

Hi, Just wanted to come and wish you a happy new year. Hope it's a great one.

Jenny :-)

JP said...

Happy New Year to you too, Corinne.

I look forward to the New Year post when it arrives.

In the meantime I have corrected a grave error and as you should you now have a link on my list of other blogs I read.