Monday, January 22, 2007

Emerald Airlines - Defying Gravity

Emerald Airlines - Defying Gravity

Emerald Airlines - Defying Gravity

As you can see, I got a wig.* It was rather expensive [a whole 17 pounds] given that it is a green wig and therefore is probably of limited use but I think it was worth it. And if you don't believe me I think the following will convince you:

1. I was asked if I was in the show. As this happened two minutes before The Wizard of Oz was to start I think the safe answer was 'no'. But it's nice to know that I looked like I could have been.

2. A woman tried to take a photo of me on her mobile phone whilst I wasn't looking, non-stalker stylee. Then when I moved she stopped me and asked me to pose for her. I can only assume that this is what life is like when you are famous. Only in this case no one was sending the spotted to Heat.

3. I was cheered by the cast as I walked passed them in the bar afterwards. They might have been drinking, but a cheer is still a cheer.

Maybe because of all of this I really, really didn't want to take the outfit off when I got home. Because life is rather wonderful when you're an air stewardess for Emerald Airlines.

*If you're wondering where the doors are, then they're the ones that lead into the Quarry Theatre at the WYP. So now you almost know what my workplace looks like.

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Julia Buckley said...

What a fabulous costume! Sounds like a lot of fun.