Friday, January 26, 2007

Do You Think David Tennant Reads DA? If He Does We've Got A Problem.

Do You Think David Tennant Reads DA? If He Does We've Got A Problem.

"Don't turn around, Corinne"

I'm in the middle of having a lurid green wristband attached to me but the instant that I hear that I shouldn't turn round my instinct is, naturally, to do the opposite.

"Don't turn around"

I start to wonder what is going to await me. Horror movie images flash through my brain. Even better, I start to wonder if it's a Dalek.

Wristband finally attached I brace myself and turn round.

There's only one thing to do with the sight that confronts me. I open my mouth and out comes the most girly-ish, non-stalker-ish squeal you can imagine. It's not something I'm proud of now in the cold, harsh light of day. But it's a squeal.

Because I am now mere inches away from David Tennant's pyjamas. Or the Doctor's pjs if we're going to be entirely accurate here [not that I am, as a rule, overly preoccupied with accuracy given that theatrical elaboration is always more fun]. But either way this is rather exciting. Pyjamas. That David Tennant has worn. Stripey pyjamas that David Tennant has worn.

Worryingly since I am an adult and allegedly sensible and mature and grown up (sometimes) I have the overwhelming urge to stroke them. This is wrong for lots of reasons, and yet I can hardly fight it. I settle instead for simpering in their direction.

I look at Val who is matching my excitement.

"It's a good job no one else is here".

And I really mean it.

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