Friday, January 12, 2007

Corinne Off Of Corinne's Actual Diary

Corinne Off Of Corinne's Actual Diary

For numerous reasons I decided that 2007 was the year in which I should, once again, take up a paper - some might say proper* - Diary. Don't think you're being short-changed here, unless messy handwriting and questionable phrasing is your proverbial bag, DA's infinitely more interesting. It has links and stuff after all. And a picture of Marilyn Monroe in a great dress. Non-DA diary is basically for all the stuff I want to remember in 15-20 years time that I can't put on DA because i)I would be sued ii)I would be fired iii)I would be sued and fired. Which probably makes it sound more interesting than it is - but let's be clear here. Non-DA Diary has no readers other than myself and, like a good 95% of Diaries of its ilk, it's undoubtedly not that interesting to any one other than me. And hopefully all the scholars in fifty years time when it gets published. Or not.

But I am out of the habit of keeping such a Diary but if there is such thing as a universal diary code then I suspect that the following might be high up the list:

"On no account leave your Diary - in which you talk about work - lying on the floor of your shared office. This can only lead to inevitable disaster".

As it was I managed to locate said diary ten minutes prior to the office clear out. Phew. Some how it makes all those issues of keeping a public blog seem much easier. There's something strangely comforting about the knowledge that anyone could read DA. In some ways it makes it all so much easier.

*I would poke anyone who said so in the eye.

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Nik said...

i call shotgun on writing the foreword when it's published...