Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Amount of energy expended on thinking of resolutions = too much

Amount of energy expended on thinking of resolutions = too much

Yesterday I had a look back on the outstanding good mediocre success of my resolutions for 2006. Not unduly deterred by their mixed fortunes I resolved to have another bash at it this year.

So, with as little fanfare as possible, here goes...

1. Write at least 300 words a day, at least five days a week.

I need to get out of the habit of thinking that it is ok to have huge bursts of writing energy and write thousands of words in a couple of weeks thus absolving me of a month or so of writing. Because clearly it's not. Within this I need to polish off the remains of Four Chords, do my second draft of Corinne's New Play [maybe even giving it a proper title] and get to work - beyond the plans - of writing the novel I seem to have promised the first few chapters of to Dean for his birthday. Phew. And - maybe - an entirely new play in the Autumn.

2. Write on DA regularly [and be a bit more social with fellow bloggers].

It struck me when I was reading Alan Bennett's Diaries that there didn't need to be something huge going on in them to keep me interested. Now I'm not suggesting that I'm Alan Bennett but I think it's something I should keep in mind, and not let myself be bogged down with 'heck, I've five huge set pieces to write' and thus write nothing. Billygean has gone for broke and is aiming to blog every day - me, I'm not brave enough to say that, but we'll see how it goes. As for going to the blogging party more - I need to remember to press that comment button on all the blogs I read and love.

3. Find a Pub Quiz.

Let the quest continue...

4. See a play in Stratford/ at the Globe/ at the Edinburgh Fringe.

I've expanded this because I think each of these should be a requirement every year. And it leads nicely on to...

5. See 5 'classic' plays that I've never seen and now I don't work Thursdays take advantage of all those matinees at theatres I don't usually go to.

Because I saw quite a bit of theatre last year (and managed a number of 'classics' that I'd never seen before) but I'm aware of the sheer volume of theatre I saw because I was being paid to. As this is no longer the case I think I can expand my viewing pleasure.

6. Stage one of my plays.

I've been talking about this for a few weeks now, thus meaning that the more people I talk to about this, the more I feel compelled to go out and do it. I'm thinking June/ July time. Clear your diaries.

7. Buy a new pair of jeans.

I love dress shopping. I dislike shopping for trousers. I hate shopping for jeans. Thus I realised the other day that my newest pair of jeans are 3 years old. I looked for a new pair for three months last year and then gave up because it was too traumatic for words. I need to be brave and get beyond this.

8. Learn to do something which I can't do at the moment.

Suitably vague don't you think? But every set of resolutions has to have some form of self improvement on, so here's mine. Now I've just got to work out what it is.

9. Read more poetry.

Because now I don't have to write about metre any more I've rather discovered that I love it. And I'm woefully under-read in this department.

10. Non-Stalk Harry McFly.

It had to happen. He's posh after all.

I'm not going to take bets on which I'll achieve [though I know you'll all be thinking the Harry McFly one]. Same time next year I guess...

5 comments: said...

hurrah and a mention!

they're quite good really, although impossible you do understand. 300 words a day in particular. For example, today I was supposed to write my eu law essay, a subject i supposedly love (but don't you see the Regret seeping in with the gatsby references!), and it's 17:51 and all i've done is eat hobnobs and stare out of the window.

Anyway congratulations on writing a list! my new year's resolution is to make more lists!


Val said...

Well, I'm with you on Nos 3 & 4! And happy to accompany you on 5 :)

cat said...

re: 7

try New Look

Stephen said...

re: 7

or go to the US (he says from a position of strength, having a flight booked on the 14th)

Corinne said...

Are you taking orders, Stephen? :-P