Wednesday, December 20, 2006

For Future Reference [Part Two]

For Future Reference [Part Two]

"I've some bad news about Dominic"

Lots of things flash through my mind, stuff like him being an almost alcoholic, voting Tory or having any sort of connection to the CEO of Penguin*.

"You're not going to tell me he's gay?"

Because, let's face it, it's a possibility, what with him being an ac-tor and all.

"No...I asked Director Boy about him and he said...Dominic's dumb"

Lightning flashes, the polar ice caps melt and Dorothy's house falls on the witch.


If there was one thing I wasn't expecting this is it. He's a good actor. Good actor's can't be dumb. Emotional fuckwits yes**, dumb no.


There's a finality to this I can't fight, even though this isn't first hand, even though it's coming from Director Boy who thinks I'm going to turn power crazed. Because why would Director Boy lie?

"I guess that's it then"

And maybe it kind of is. Because I'm also assuming that Dom isn't on Director Boy's Christmas card list, thus scuppering my plans.

"That's what I said to Director Boy - you could have put up with him liking boys a bit, but dumb - he's got no chance"

Everyone laughs and as funny as it is, it's deeper than that.

It's true.

*The first two are pretty self explanatory but the Penguin thing? Let's just say I'm (almost) not quite as fond of Penguin as I was before the start of the summer.

**See first footnote. Though the Tory was actually a bad actor, thus proving that being an emotional fuckwit is no assurance of onstage talent and might even have a little to do with having incomplete DNA.

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