Sunday, October 01, 2006

There are times when my life is too surreal even for me

There are times when my life is too surreal even for me

"How does the Star Wars theme go?"

After about two seconds G provides the required 'do doos'

"How about Superman?"

"That's a different do -do"

In unison M and I launch into the Superman theme, complete with mock flying motion.

"What about Indiana Jones?"

Blank looks all round. G starts do-dooing.

"That's Superman!"

"This is going to drive us mad"

Two minutes later.

"There's definitely a doo-doo"

Later still.

"One of us must know it"

And into infinity.

"Do- do -dooh - hang on, that's still Superman"

J has the bad fortune to walk past us and, in desperation, the three of us pounce.

"What's the theme to Indiana Jones?"

"I'll have a think"

"No one corrupt his mind with the Superman theme!"

J leaves us. There are more do doos that aren't right.

We're just about to give up and accept the fact that the day is ruined by our inability to remember when J pops his head round the wall.

In a moment of sheer brilliance we hear the "doos".

Such is the unadulterated joy should I have been informed that I'd been granted a trolley dash in Harvey Nichols it would have failed to make an impact. We celebrate. Pause.

"How does the theme to Star Wars go?"

There are blank looks all around. Then, in a moment that probably sums up my life and its somewhat tenuous grasp on normality at the moment, two life size Storm Troopers choose this moment to walk past us.

"Maybe we should ask them".


Nik said...

I'm actually seriously hoping that you did ask them...

Nik said...

Oh and I don't like Star Wars. But then you already knew this. That is all.