Friday, October 20, 2006

A Tale of Two PYFB Gigs: The Sanctuary, Birmingham

A Tale of Two PYFB Gigs: The Sanctuary, Birmingham

Smell of Venue: Bands and bottles of pepsi that cost two pounds fifty. Personally, I'd take the cheap beer smell any day. Clearly a cuter venue comes at a price.

Weirdness of Support Act: The concept was still there but in an attempt to not judge a book by its cover I actually listened this time and, wow, there may have been a couple of good songs in there. Not good enough for me to have remembered their name though.

Lighting: Still loving the album cover mimic look and in a slightly bigger venue it looked even better.

Audience Demographic: Not as many girls this time. Still the majority but what was that? Men. Why are they here?

Vocal Talents of Audience: Not quite as impressive as the Leeds Met cohort - clearly the hardcore lyric learning fans were more heavily concentrated in the North. Or all the men are not quite as willing to sing along with little regard for tune or key. Still an impressive 'Last Request' though.

Bouncing Talents of the Audience: And this is where Birmingham managed to trump Leeds. Because there were lots of pockets of bouncing, and not just when PYFB was three songs from the end of his set. I particularly liked the pointing action of a group of girls in the middle and it all made for a rather fab rendition of 'New Shoes'.

Most Annoying Audience Member: The four man mountains in slightly in front of Nik and I. I'm already spouting my gig theory that everyone should be measured on their way in and arranged accordingly so that short people get to see at least an arm, a drum stick or the top of the singer's head every so often. But I will forgive you being very very tall and standing in front of me if you actually look like you're enjoying yourself. But to stand there and not even sing 'Last Request'? Get thee to a nunnery. Or at least away from a PYFB gig.

PYFB Banter: I'm not sure what had happened in the space of three days but for some reason I could understand a good 90% of what came out of PYFB's mouth. And he was rather on top form. The highlights? "This is a new song so it doesn't have a title. We'll call it Johnny Cash. [beat] Johnny Cash doesn't have anything to do with it". "I'm on water as I've had to stop drinking on stage because I get drunk and then do stuff that I can't remember" [Nik and I both interject "Like take your clothes off"].

PYFB Song Titles: Maybe I was aided by kind of knowing the order but it all made a lot more sense this time.

PYFB's Vocal Talents: Maybe the water's paying off. Not even a little crack on 'Million Faces' though Nik and I pre-empt it every time.

Best Song: 'Rainbows' because it conveys something live that I don't think I'll ever get on a recording, 'New Shoes' because of all the bounce, 'Autumn' because it was utterly heart rending and I thought both PYFB and I might cry and 'Last Request' because you can't fight it.

Other Comments: Nik's face at the bar prices was only bettered by her face when she realised that the mystery encore song was 'Crazy'. I wish I could have taken a photo. We also managed to work out that PYFB's t-shirt prices have gone up since we bought one at the start of the summer. Ooo, get him.

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Nicole said...

my face on saturday night when i realised that louisa was jiving to that damn song on strictly was worth a photo too i'm sure...