Friday, October 20, 2006

A Tale of Two PYFB Gigs: Leeds Met

A Tale of Two PYFB Gigs: Leeds Met

Smell of Venue: Fresher's Flu and cheap beer. Don't you just love student unions?

Weirdness of support act: Quite high. Because being a concept band, with fuzzy tvs and brown coats when you clear your stage scares me.

Lighting: Very, very exciting. Because I'm a girl who likes a theme and when you open with lighting that mimics your album cover I'm going to love it.

Audience Demographic: Girls, girls and more girls. Oh and students. I obviously find this strange given that PYFB is young and attractive with a penchant for taking his clothes off on stage and we are in a student union.

Vocal Talents of Audience: Not quite up to my X Factor standards but nevertheless Leeds Met was in fine voice. So good were they that they could have made the PYFB Choir, if ever he chose to have one.

Bouncing Talents of Audience: Now, you PYFB fans of Leeds you excelled yourself vocally but bouncily? As someone once said - not so much. But you did start to pull it back after 'Rainbows' and 'Loving You' was rather fab. But don't be afraid of the bounce.

Most Annoying Audience Member: Normally the student journalist who thought it ok to write copious notes would have won this (the phrase writing about music is like dancing about architecture springs to mind) but she had her prize stolen by the light brown haired second year in a spotty top who thought it suitable to mock one of my boys. When he was feeling it. This is not amusing, this is brilliant. Next time love, save the money and STAY AT HOME.

PYFB Banter: Er, there might have been some but I'd have needed a translator to say what it was...

PYFB Song Titles: I got his intro to 'Jenny' and, erm, that was it. But it made the intro game much more fun.

PYFB's Vocal Talents: Rather wonderful. I could listen to him all day. Almost.

Best Song: 'Loving You' because I love it, 'Jenny Don't Be Hasty' - because we finally got the bounce, the opening of 'These Streets' because we all got the intro wrong and, most of all, 'Last Request' if only for PYFB's face when everyone sang it back at him.

Other Comments: The lack of apostrophes in an 'academic' institution was made up for the fact that we stumbled on PYFB's tour bus as we were on our way back to the car. And it wasn't just a mouldy old van or even a blacked out people carrier but a proper, full size tour bus, undoubtedly with beds and a kitchen and a special groupie room (or maybe not). We couldn't see PYFB in it when the door opened (yes, we did try and see) but it did mean we could wave to him as the tour bus passed us. And if the singles and the album weren't enough to prove it then the tour bus rather shouted it - PYFB might just have made it.

NB: PYFB is, of course, Paolo Nutini


gayle said...

What kind of freaky journalist makes notes *during* a gig? That's just weird.

cat said...

and when she ran out of pages in her notebook she started writing on her arm!!!

gayle said...

Blimey. I don't think I'll ever be that dedicated to my job!