Monday, October 02, 2006

"I need something else, to get me through this semi charmed kind of life"

"I need something else, to get me through this semi charmed kind of life"
You might have realised that along with dead writers, Sienna Boho Princess and Boys with Guitars my list of favourite things would also include parties. Not that I need an excuse to dress up and drink alcohol but it's always nice to have one, if only to justify my current alcohol intake. And it's probably only fair to say that Becky's birthday parties are the stuff of legend. In 2004 it revolved around a crazy hat competition - which, because I'm scarily competitive and found it acceptable to devote seven hours to creating my crazy hat, I won. I believe there was also dancing and Jumpin' Jaks but I don't know for sure because I spent the evening becoming intimately aquainted with Becky's bathroom and my stomach lining. In 2005 there was another competition, this time with dares - which, because I am scarily competitive and found it acceptable to take a stolen didgeredoo to the Parliament Street Fountain, I helped Team Griffin to win. This year the competitive element had been removed - let's face it my ego's big enough without adding an inevitable third victory - but there was still a theme: Glamourous Indie Rock and Roll. Even putting aside my prediliction for stalking all those BwG's, the fact that the last few months have included regular three hour cocktail lunches, watching almost-famous people take illegal substances* and more pairs of footless tights than you can shake a stick at points to the fact that I am under the delusion that my life is (almost) one giant song by The Killers. Needless to say I was enjoying Becky's chosen theme rather too much. So much so that I almost bought a tambourine.

On An Actual Deck. Of An Actual Boat.

Thankfully I held in the urge, because a tambourine was always going to be slightly out of place in such a beautiful setting. Because even if you can get past the fairy lights and the fact that we were seated in our own VIP area the fact remains we were on an actual deck of an actual boat. And along with being the only acceptable place you can wear deck shoes it's just a little bit glamourous isn't it?

The Return of the Girl Band

I did, however, firmly believe that I was in a girl band. And that was not just the alcohol talking, sitting here now, having not had alcohol in my veins since Friday night I still believe I'm in a girl band. I'm not sure that I still believe that posing with large wine glasses is totally flattering, though.


But, in the list of rock and roll excesses, I'm sure it's one I can live with. Whether I can live with Gayle and my potentially X-Factor winning performance of Semi Charmed Life (aided by Griffin) being committed to film forever is something entirely different.

Away from the embarrassing photos, video footage and jugs of woo woo in the middle of the afternoon it was the kind of evening with its random flights of imagination, old jokes, new jokes, party pieces and Busted singalongs that was almost a little bit magic. And what strikes me as I flick through the photos I am to steal for this blog** is not only how many adventures we've had together but how many I hope we have in the future.

"The Northern Division - it's not geographical, it's a state of mind!"
*Oh yes I drop this in now. You'll just have to wait for the memoirs I'm afraid. Or buy me a cocktail or two.
**Rightful owner, Val.

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