Monday, October 23, 2006

Be Glad You Didn't Witness Us Trying To Get A Photo Together

Be Glad You Didn't Witness Us Trying To Get A Photo Together

After I'd managed to guess Nik's house number (not mentioning being unable to locate the doorbell) Nik had proudly announced:

"Guess where we're going to eat"

As anyone who knows me will be aware - I don't guess. When there's a guess involved there's a chance you might be wrong. And I don't like to be wrong.

"I don't know - where?"

Nik grins.

"The Golden Arches"

We both do the universal hand signal for the Golden Arches and laugh. I suspect there's something entirely childish in our delight in making trips to a fast food outlet that is frowned upon in certain quarters. And by certain quarters you should know I mean Cat. And, whilst we're at it, my Mum.

Cut to an hour and a half later and Nik, Ali and I are seated in the Golden Arches. It must be said we're a little hyper even before we've started ingesting the processed chemicals in our not-so-big macs because we've realised that it's the first time that all three of us have been in a room together since November 2004. And if we can't be a bit giddy for that reason then there will never be a reason to be giddy. It's probably also for this reason that Nik and I have held off teasing Ali about wearing a pair of (new) high heeled boots to a gig, settling instead for glancing at our flat footwear and smirking in the knowledge of what is to come.

Having almost caused chaos by not knowing what to order Ali has settled on a Kid's Meal and is now assembling the free toy, a bright red car. Actually assembling is probably the wrong word since the only thing that needs doing is its go-faster stripes attaching but it's providing entertainment for all of us. Stripes attached Ali starts to push the car across the table and Nik and I take turns to catch it before pushing it back.

We continue to talk and push the car for the next few minutes.

"It's just like we've never been apart!"

At this Ali gets a bit over enthusiastic with the car. In a blur it heads across the table. Neither Nik or I manage to process this quickly enough to make a grab for it as it goes flying between us, above our heads, across the two tables nearest to us before crashing - in slow motion - at the other end of the room.

There's a silence. The kind of silence you normally only get in disaster movies. Everyone in the Golden Arches is looking at us. Looking at us and undoubtedly wondering what three twenty somethings are doing with a red toy car with go faster stripes. It's a fair question.

Having checked that we've not concussed an old lady or poked a small child in the eye Nik and I turn to look at Ali.

"I don't want the car any more"

At this there's nothing I can do, I have to laugh. Nik - valiantly - retrieves the car from its landing place and returns it to the table where it sits in disgrace for the rest of the meal.

Ali's right. It's just like we've never been apart.


gayle said...

Something about that story (I think it was the bit about the stunned silence among other diners) reminded me of our trip to the Golden Arches in Clapham after the Silver Bear concert - although at least that time we could blame our behaviour on the alcohol...

Val said...

I think that was the time (Clapham) that Cat and I were eating in the LOVELY Italian restaurant ;-)

Aww, I miss Ali (I miss you and Nik as well of course)!

Nik said...

"I'm out of practice...that's why I am wearing f**king high heeled boots to a gig!"

i vaguely remember that golden arches after clapham...