Friday, September 22, 2006



What seems like a lifetime ago I wrote a letter to Heat rebuking them for stealing an idea that didn't belong to them. By that point 'The List of Shame'* had been in operation for many months, and all after it was started by some half made comment and a picture of Richard Hammond.

Needless to say I was rather stunned by the events of Wednesday night. Because whilst I don't know Hammond he stands as one of those people who I feel I kind of do, just because of his tv personna and how wonderful and enthusiastic and funny and strangely cute he is. And let's be clear - I do not drive. I know less than nothing about cars. But Hammond on Top Gear? Absolute genius.

So I'm firmly sending out good thoughts to Hammond (brilliantly white teeth and all) and his family in what must be an incredibly difficult time. I hope he's back blowing up caravans in the near future.

*List of Shame: List, of almost national importance, detailing unusual/ unexpected crushes. Originated by Cat and Myself, Winter 2004/2005.


cat said...

here, here - on all counts.

donations to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, which whisked the Hamster to hospital in Leeds can be made here:

Nik said...

Here here indeed. I hope he's ok. Top Gear is pure genius, caravans on fire and all.