Friday, September 15, 2006

Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to Ashes

I peer into the hole and start to wonder. Because a hole that size - you could house a goat in it. Or a small deer. And the last time I looked we were in charge of a mediumly sized budgie.

"I think that will do"

Obi3 stops digging. Obi4 tips the shoebox he is holding upside down for at least the tenth time. Strangely there's something rather appropriate about the fact that Smartie's* last journey is being shrouded by the distinct possibility that he will fall out of his makeshift coffin.

"You can put it in"

Obi4 puts the shoebox into the hole. There's a pause. What does one do now? Is there ettiquette at Budgie funerals? Should someone say a few words about how much he liked millet?

Whatever the ettiquette, Smartie's pallbearer has clearly finished his part in the ceremony and decides to retreat inside leaving Obi3 to cover the hole.

Obi4 starts to leave and then turns to face us.

"I had a little bit of sad in it" he says pointing to his right eye.

And in that moment I know exactly what he means.

*You may think he is so called after the sweet, just as his fellow cagemate Gatsby is called after my favourite literary crush. But you would be wrong. They're named after race horses. Now you see what kind of house I live in.

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