Monday, September 11, 2006

And this time he didn't have a limp!

And this time he didn't have a limp!

Long before* C entered the scene with his floppy hair, roll ups and Shakespearean verse there was another Shakespearean actor who didn't have floppy hair and who, even if he was blonde, had the good grace to be utterly lovely and not be involved in my either vomiting or losing a necklace. If you hadn't guessed, I'm talking about My Richard who I developed something of a crush on during the tenure of Wars of the Roses at the WYP. Not that I have been keeping an eye out for possible non-stalking opportunities but the fact remains that when I found out that Northern Broadsides were performing 'The Man with Two Gaffers' at York Theatre Royal I was a little excited. When My Richard turned up in a picture in the local press to promote the production I was even more excited. Which, I'm sure you can imagine, is not a pretty sight.

A couple of Saturday's ago, just after I berated Val for leaving me with a broken foot, we ended up in the theatre bar. And who should I promptly spot behind the theatre's Aritistic Director but My Richard. Obviously I couldn't speak to him - I was tanked up on Vudu cocktails so it wouldn't have been a good idea even without the pressing knowledge that the words 'frying pan' and 'fire' were worryingly appropriate. But he was there! In the flesh! Alive! And I made the last train home with a smile on my face.

On Friday night, after sharing a bowl of peanutbutter ice cream** with Cat, we found ourselves at the theatre, me only a little bit giddy at the prospect of seeing My Richard on stage. And ooo, like Mrs Dalloway before him***, there he was.

The production itself had the kind of joyous energy about it that had made the Wars of the Roses trilogy so compelling for me. Its pace and fizz were impossible not to like. And the language, which celebrated Yorkshire and its peculiarities with unashamed enthusiasm, was an utter pleasure to hear. As for My Richard, he was funny and sweet and cute**** and I was rather glad that all my previous praise of him hadn't combusted in a ball of flames.

Going over the show afterwards in the theatre bar I noticed My Richard making his exit and knew that my heart wasn't really into non-stalking him, at least not at the moment. But I would like everyone to note that I SAW HIM FIRST. So, when he gets famous and whatnot, you all know he belongs to me. I'm glad we've got that sorted.

*Well, four months before anyway.

**Yum, yum and again yum.

***Ten points for anyone who knows what I'm talking about. And ten points for anyone who doesn't for not being a Woolf Geek.

****AT THE SAME TIME. Just how amazing is this?


Nik said...

*hits buzzer* I KNOW! Clearly you taught me well. Can I trade the ten points for a chocolate biscuit please? Thank you.

gayle said...

Peanut butter ice cream??? Ewwwwwwwwwww!

Nik said...

Oh yeh, I forgot, that was my other point. Thank you Gayle!!

cat said...

that was some mighty fine ice cream, but if you two don't want any then nevermind, all the more for us! :P


Nik said...

Ah well, I'll just tuck into my tiramisu ice cream then...*

*I don't actually have any right now. But I could soon iron out that tiny hitch. Without a real iron, obviously. That would be too much effort.