Monday, August 28, 2006


Someone, somewhere down the line had a bright idea - let's have a Black Tie Dinner. And after spending most of our time together in a field with all the other bits and pieces that fields include (namely flies, creepy crawlies, mud and grass that gets every where so you find bits in your bed days later) it was generally decreed that this was a GOOD IDEA.

Only we all kind of relaxed on the Black Tie bit, which I was secretly rather glad at as my ball dress - a remnant of those days when size eights were too big for me - no longer fits. But I still think we look rather fab even though my hair seems to have gone very fluffy having been in the rain:

Black Tie - Oh God It's The Timer

It was pointed out that it was quite a breast heavy evening, something which was sadly wasted on those present. But there was champagne and chocolate and red wine and eclairs and more chocolate and more champagne so I think it can be assumed that a good night was had by all. So much so that it seemed perfectly normal to be discussing at 3:00am the fact that conversation was aimed much lower than my eye line.
The next theme night? Chav. Somehow I'm looking forward to that one a lot less.

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