Sunday, August 27, 2006

There's a good reason why I have a badge saying 'high maintenance'

There's a good reason why I have a badge saying 'high maintenance'

"It's terrible - there he was laid in the middle of the street probably suffering from alcoholic poisoning and all I could do was snog the actor"

[collapsing in laughter] "That was your Plonkers*"

[breaking realisation] "Oh my God, it was! I abandoned my friend for an actor!"

"And it was worse than what we did to you"

"Yes - but [demonstrating with my hands] the outcome was also proportionally higher. Plus my actor was actively trying to stop me helping. Your actor couldn't have cared less if you helped me or not"

"True - but we didn't realise how bad your foot was, we thought you were overdramatising"

[stopping still] "Hang on, you thought I was 'over-dramatising'? I had a broken foot"

"We didn't know that - you'd been walking on it"

"But you think I'm someone who 'over-dramatises'?"

"Have you seen this shop, it's got some great things - there's a mug with a corset on it -"

"Close but no banana - don't try to change the subject. You abandoned me and my broken foot for an actor. And then you went shopping in Tescos. And all I got when you came back was the fact he was a git and you'd bought breadsticks"

"I can't remember why we went to Tescos - "

"Never mind your broken foot, HAVE A BREADSTICK"

"But -"


*Plonkers: Orginating from the York Wine Bar of the same name.
To be in a situation [usually involving alcohol] where you have to choose between an actor and a friend in their hour of need. And you choose the actor.


val said...

You know, your recall shouldn't be quite that good when you've been drinking! And I still can't remember why we went to Tescos!

cat said...

what's with all this we stuff for a start?

it's true I was in Tescos (milk for cups of tea the next day Val), but I remained in Plonkers soley to support another friend in her hour of need! so much need, so much drama! and I'm going all the way to Stoke on a Tuesday to do the same next month! ;-)