Saturday, August 26, 2006

Lights will guide you home

Lights will guide you home

Val, D and I are in bed together.

In bed at the Evil Eye, obviously, because there's only so much rock and roll any girl can take in one week. But there are cocktails because I'm clearly celebrating the fact that I'm back on solids by ingesting more alcohol into my body. As a concession I'm staying away from my traditional Evil Eye tipple of White Russians because I'm wary of the possibilities of putting milk in my still slightly sensitive stomach. Vodka? No problem. Milk? Oh no. I'm guessing that this is how the alcohol problem starts.

Somewhat inevitably given our shared obsessions we're talking about theatre, and somehow conversation's turned to Alice in Wonderland. Because I clearly didn't talk enough about it when I worked the show for THREE months.

D: "The lizard asked me out!"

V: "I know -"

C: "Yes, I might have blogged about that"

D: "Do you just blog about everything?"

C: "No...
I did blog about the van".

D: "Brilliant - 'and then there was this one time when Wayne Sleep grabbed [D's] arse'"

C: "I didn't blog about that.
I will now".

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