Wednesday, August 30, 2006

How Many Writers Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?

How Many Writers Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?

So far in my writing career* I guess I've been pretty lucky when it comes to deciding what to call my pieces. By lucky I should probably write 'has stolen shamelessly from other writers'. Because there's a reason that Corinne's New Play has been so-called for the last few months. Coming up with a title - any title - is bloody difficult. And that's when there's just me to argue with[for, fact fans, Some Sort of Beautiful was not always called SSoB, it started life - in its play form - as Under The Red, White and Blue].

So throw up seven different writers, seven different ten minute shorts that - crucially - are not even at first draft stage and seven different brains and you have one big problem. Especially when we need to sell the title to the Carriageworks in the next couple of weeks.

"We need something that says it's about ordinary people and ordinary things but which in their own way are quite extraordinary. If we were being poncey we'd call it De Profundis"

"Dull and Duller?"

"I can see the reviews already"

"Is there another word for ordinary that's - well - more exciting?"

[blank looks all around]






"Shades of Beige?"

If in the future I have to pinpoint the moment that I started drinking seriously, I think we've just found it.

*Oh, writing career, get me.


Nik said...

oooh beige towels! sorry, am in a random mood and this is irrelevant apart from to druge up an old memory.

Corinne said...

Ooo, it's like one mind - I did have a quiet giggle to myself about that one ;-)

val said...

It's that single brain cell again, for I read that and thought, well, you could always go for beige towels ;-)

Kay Richardson said...

Hello. I like your blog and I am a boy and I have a guitar.

bex said...

snap, well not to kay as I am not a boy (although I do have a guitar)

just to the rest of you.

cat said...

I didn’t think of towels, I thought of Terry Wogan – am I about to be excommunicated?


Corinne said...

Terry Wogan?!!! I'm not sure where to start :-P

Nik said...

snap bec, i have a guitar too.

and cat - wtf?! :P