Friday, August 04, 2006

Getting Scientific

Getting Scientific

If you've wondered why I've been a bit quiet [or even if you haven't] it has rather a lot to do with finding myself working for the British Shakespeare Company; something made only more interesting by the getting up at 6:30am that the WYP reception cover that I've been doing has required. To get this into perspective - not including travel times - I worked fourteen hours yesterday. More tellingly I haven't seen Neighbours for the last fortnight. And what have I gained out of this? Erm, some money, some CV points and a Romeo and Juliet/ Dream t-shirt.

So, let's get scientific and look at the facts of the past week or so:

Bruise count: 21 [seriously, I look like someone has stood and kicked me. And then kicked me some more. The truth is much less exciting and has rather a lot to do with bottles of Stella].

Number of times I've almost bleed to death: 1 [maybe this is a slight over-statement given the size of the cut in question which, even I admit, was rather small. But my capacity to lose blood is one of my great talents. Clotting is not something I do well. On the positive side this makes me unlikely to get DVT when I'm on a plane. On the negative side it does up my chances of eventually ending up lying in a pool of my own blood. Ah, you win some, you lose some.]

Time spent on Leeds bus system: approx 15 hours. [I should get a medal. Especially when it was hot].

Time spent looking at pretty actors: Oh, literally days.

Time spent laughing at biographies of pretty actors: 45 minutes.

CDs bought: 6. [HMV had a sale on. I know this is not an excuse but in my head it kind of is].

Items of inappropriate seasonal clothing bought: 1 [a pair of fingerless, elbow length spotty gloves that will get dirty long before autumn comes. I think they're beautiful].

Times I've discovered I'm geeky about Shakespeare: Too many to count.

And what does this prove? Bah, I've got no idea. You'd better go ask a Science graduate if you want answers.


Nik said...

What cd's?!!! I really hope it wasn't DPT or Johnny [you work it out :P] as i have them now and can I have copies if I'd like them, please? This includes your James.

cat said...

I'm intrigued by the gloves; I'm struggling to picture an intem of clothing that matches that description yet isn't hideous, 'cos I know you wouldn't buy anything hideous. So I'm just going to have to trust in your innate sense of style and hope you haven't made an unchracteristic Sienna Boho-Princess style error of judgement.

Or are you planning on joining the Pipettes?

Nik said...

I want to join the Pipettes.