Tuesday, August 29, 2006



For possibly the first time this year I'm sitting in the living room with all three of my siblings. This might not seem like such a feat but let me tell you that when there are 14 years between youngest and eldest getting us all in the same place at the same time requires the kind of heavy duty planning that makes organising the Oscars a walk in the park. Or, conversely, it works out that it's a bank holiday and at least two of us have spent all our money on alcohol and thus are at home. Obi3 and Obi4 are not at home for that reason (or at least I hope because I don't want to have to take a nine year old to rehab with me) but - for once - I'm not having a conversation with either of them that involves telling them to turn that bloody X-Box down.

Ronan Keating's on the tv presenting the top forty 'Happiest, bounciest, most feel good songs eva' and we've been sucked in courtesy of Obi2 flicking over to it the moment that the Monkees 'Daydream Believer' was being played and my refusing to let her change channel. Wham. 'Dancing In The Street' (complete with my 'If I were copying Griffin here I'd get this bit wrong'). 'Time Of My Life'. The songs keep coming and, yes Ronan who must be all of 27 these days even though in my head he will always be 20 is living up to the title description. These songs are making me feel good. And even on occassion squeal.

Obi3 and Obi4, like Shania Twain, aren't as easily impressed.

"This is ancient. This must be what the Romans listened to".

This is what you get for having siblings who were born in the nineties. Ever the knowledgable one, Obi4 points out that when he studied the Romans last year it didn't include any of this music. At least we cleared that much up.

After more grumbling and my pondering just how much I onced loved Ronan we finally get to number one. It's Katrina and The Waves with 'Walking on Sunshine'.

"How brilliantly eighties is this?"

"It's so old"

"No it's not - I was alive when this was out"

Obi3 looks like he's considering his next response. I pre-empt it to be something that involves saying that I'm old. It's not.

"It's weird that there's all this stuff that happened before I was born. I can't quite believe it"

It's nice to know that I'm not the only Furness sadled with an ego.


Nik said...

Classic songs. Glad to see it's not just my house who get sucked into these crap charts.

bex said...

try getting all 4 of you in a room in 5 years time,you know nothing


and before you say they T word, yes I have been knobbled.