Sunday, August 13, 2006

Don't Worry, Karma Has Already Struck And It Involved Stale Beer

Don't Worry, Karma Has Already Struck And It Involved Stale Beer

"Everyone into the van"

At those words there's an almost immediate panic - a panic that sends people sprinting in the direction of said van. The reason? There are only two seats in the front up for grabs. For the remaining two of our group it's into the back along with all the FoH rubbish. And the FoH rubbish includes yesterday's warm beer and mulled wine. For me there's a bit of added urgency. Because if the threat of rolling around with the rubbish weren't enough I'm wearing a white jacket. A white jacket I'm wearing for the first time. There's only one card I can play.

"I'm a girl"

I turn and smile. Surely the male techies I'm in competition with cannot argue with that.

"That's right - girls and gays in the front!"

I smile at D. Brilliant argument.

It seems our Stage Manager has other ideas. Courtesy of being the person with the keys he's already climbed into one of the two available passenger seats. And he's not budging.

"I'm a girl and I'm wearing white"

Nothing. But I'm nearest to the door - do I stand and fight with the girls and gays line or abandon friendship in the name of a seatbelt? There is, it is safe to say, only one answer. This is me. I have morals coming out of my ears.

I climb in.

Because a white jacket? No one's morals could fight that. Or at the least my morals can't fight that.

"Sorry". I mouth it through the window because I've obviously closed the door and fastened my seatbelt.

"Just you wait".

A few minutes later we're driving down Kirkstall Road. Red lights. We stop. There's a rustle and then a loud thud from the back. And from the partition wall we all quite clearly hear:


And I know I should be concerned about the fact that D and our soundguy have just slammd into something but as SM and I turn to look at each other there's nothing I can do. I start to giggle. And I can't stop.

I'm still giggling when I climb out of the van at Leeds station. D gets out of the back as gracefully as he can. And whacks me with his bag.

I can't help it, I'm at that place where I can do nothing but giggle a bit more. And tell the story to everyone at work the next day.

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