Monday, July 24, 2006

There May Have Been Whooping

There May Have Been Whooping

There are a couple of ways to make sure that I'll buy something. Things like putting the words 'Byron', 'Ginny Woolf' or 'Shakespeare' into it. But Dorothy Perkins have discovered the magic words that had me rushing to the till with my debit card faster than my bank manager could say 'hey, I thought that was a savings account'. Those magic words?

"Designed by Sienna Miller":

Sienna t-shirt

And I'm donating to charity lest I get worried that it's all about my Sienna Boho Princess obsession. I think this is what's called a win-win situation.


cat said...

ooh, I saw those too - but I was waiting 'til post-payday! I guess I'll have to choose a different one now, or we'll no doubt one day end up wearing them at the same time and look like twins, instead of just ordinary sisters! ;)

gayle said...

I quite fancy the Denise van Outen roller skate one. :-)