Tuesday, July 18, 2006

On Drawing Lines

On Drawing Lines

Once upon a time I read a lot of blogs. I joked I read so many that they were the reason I was in grave danger of getting a third. Of course they weren't - it was more the non-stalking of various musicians that was seeing to that* - but, over the course of time, or more accurately over the course of me having much less internet time than I used to, I've had to cut down my list of must reads. Plus - not that I'm suggesting that DA started a trend but, in the privacy of a pub after one Baileys too many, I might well claim so - the number of friends of mine who have blogs has risen almost threefold. And there's quite a lot to say for being able to peer into the blogs of people you know in actual, real, non-virtual life. At the very least it gives you ammunition to embarrass them with.

But there are those bloggers whose stories - or more rather writing - I've found so compelling that I've made the time to read them even though I've never so much as shared a hello with them. Usually I read them in some marathon session on a weekend, which for me is something rather like delving into a favourite book. What have these people I have never met been up to? What do they want to say? Are they going to make me laugh? Are they going to make me cry? Will I want to steal their ideas for DA and claim them as my own? Amongst this merry bunch of men and women has been a certain Petite. I've read her blog almost as long as I've been writing my own and I suspect I will continue to do so for some time into the future.

So I approached this news both as a reader (and dare I say in context of DA, a fan - though I know that means that should Petite ever get wind of this I'll probably be barred from going back to Paris) and as a fellow blogger. And I think anyone who blogs has got an interest in the outcome of Petite's tribunal. I've never considered Petite to be someone who blogs about work, I certainly didn't have a clue who her employers were. Where then are lines to be drawn? When it seems that every other person you meet has a blog do we have to have them represent everything we are to the world at large? Does every word have to be weighed for what might be inferred or judged?

It's a scary thought. Needless to say, I'm rooting for Petite in this.

*Ok, it wasn't responsible for a third. A 2:1 then. And I mainly blame Paddy Marber for that.

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