Friday, July 28, 2006

I'm Just Waiting For The Restraining Order

I'm just Waiting For The Restraining Order

[Let's set the scene; it's early evening, we're sat on blankets at Harewood House working our way through a picnic. I'm on my third glass of wine. The wine is probably the most important factor. The conversation has come round to a particular scene in the film of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire . Given my known obsessions I'm sure you can guess which one]

C: "We need that screen capped - Alan Rickman and David Tennant peering into each others faces!"

V: "We do!"

S: "But if you had to choose - Alan Rickman or David Tennant?"

[There's a pause. This is important stuff after all]

C: "At the moment - David Tennant"
"But they're not mutually exclusive"

[I've said this quite loudly as I've lost my volume control. S and V are laughing hysterically. And yet I don't stop].

"Seriously - I don't think there's a rule that says if you do one you can't do the other".

It's a good job I don't let reality impinge on my life.


Val said...

The mind still boggles at the images that conjures up!

I hope our picnicking neighbours enjoyed our convo as much as we did!

cat said...

There is indeed no such rule - I've checked. It wouldn't stand up in a court of law at any rate. What's with this having to choose?


My Secrets Inside said...

I searched David Tennant on myspace and it had your DA Myspace page in the list lol. :-)