Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Where You Find Out That I Wasn't Joking

Where You Find Out That I Wasn't Joking

Lest you thought that I wasn't entirely serious with my blog letter to Russell T Davies, the fact that Nik is now advertising for a new sidekick (we're not going to go into the whole debate of why I'm the sidekick, though I will note that being the sidekick would mean I get the cooler lines in the film) has pushed me to get serious about the whole thing. Serious. And I too can see the irony of my getting serious about applying for sidekick positions when I have real-life job applications to fill in. In the great scheme of things, though, I'm sure you'll agree that my appointment to the TARDIS is of such urgency that it overrides all such other concerns. After all not only would it include the potential for getting to see those stripey pjs close up*, it would also mean that I'd get my own action doll. And just how cool would that be? Even if I don't end up using the Doctor's sonic screwdriver, I might just get my own action doll anyway. Think of all the clothes it would have. It is safe to say that whilst I cannot deny the perks of being Nik's sidekick (she's got a very funny story about Peter Crouch at the moment that will allow you to point and laugh) one of the things that it doesn't come with is an action doll.

So I need the action doll. You need the action doll. The existance of future civilisation might depend on the existance of the Corinne Action Doll. And I'm sure you've already agreed that I fulfil every requirement of the Doctor's Assistant. Heck, even if you don't watch Dr Who I'm sure you'll agree I'd be perfect. Just think of those blogs I could write. I bet the TARDIS has WiFi access after all.

In the light of this, I'm stepping up the offensive. Because a blog letter might not be enough. What I need is a campaign. Badges, banners, premium rate phonelines - you know the score. And signatures in my comments box. Real signatures. Fake signatures. I don't care. Just think about it - you've got just over a week of this to deal with, you might as well make it less painful for all involved. And contribute to tv history in the process.

*Stripey pjs circa 'The Christmas Invasion' if you're wondering.**

**If you're still wondering, this means David Tennant in stripey pyjamas. ***

***Ah, c'mon. Just wait until I get John Barrowman and David Tennant on the screen together. Carnage.


bex said...

you dont ask for much do you????

and dont tell me I never do anything for you.

I am sorry you look a bit ropey, clarly a bad hair day.

My Secrets Inside said...

I think you would be great as his sidekick, aslong as, ofcourse you would be willing to vist me with the Doctor in between your adventures. :-)