Thursday, June 29, 2006

Those of a nervous disposition look away now

Those of a nervous disposition look away now

"She wants action dolls. And probably only because then people can buy David Tennant action dolls and do what everyone used to do with their Barbie and Ken's and make them kiss." - Flash Frequency, 28.06.06

I would attempt some form of moral outrage here given the suggestion that my reasons for wanting an Action Doll might not be entirely pure. But I can't. Because it would be a lie. I never had a Barbie or a Ken doll but I did (ok, do) have a Sindy and an Action Man Doll (Sindy's boyfriend was of course Paul but he was generally agreed to be a bit wet) so I might have an inkling of where Nik is coming from. But does this make me any less a good candidate (I would almost add the only candidate) to join the Doctor? No, no and thrice no. It makes me a wonderfully flawed, emotional (possibly slightly loopy) human. And where would Russell T Davies be without one of those in the TARDIS? Where would he be without the opportunity to give the Doctor those great 'look at the brilliance of these insane humans' speeches? Back writing for Coronation Street is the answer. So it just goes to show that once again I am perfect for the role of sidekick.

And whilst Nik might be starting an Anti-Campaign it is nice to note that has garnered support in other areas. In case you don't read my comments box, I proudly present Bex's prototype:

I can hear Forbidden Planet scrambling to order them now.

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bex said...

hmmm last night I had replaced Billie's head with yours, where have you gone??????????

Corinne said...

Billie has clearly joined Nik's campaign and is trying to defeat me!

Nik said...

Nik's Anti Campaign has temporarily had to be put on hold as la internet is cruely snatched from her grasp until the middle of next week, so that means I have a few days to think of another campaign speech and you, my loyal subjects and whatnot, have another few days to apply for the position of my sidekick and make yourselves Robin costumes. Or any other sidekick you wish to be but for future reference, I don't like female superheroes...