Saturday, June 17, 2006

It's All In The Quotes

It's All In The Quotes

So what might I have blogged about if I hadn't been working/ watching tennis/ football/ not getting a tan in the warm weather? Well, it might have gone something like this:

"You made me run. In flip flops. For an imaginary bus.
And whilst we're here - if we're going to be friends you need to know one thing: I never jump over railings".


"Where are all the skater dudes?"

"They're quite young; they're probably off revising"

"You mean the skater dudes revise?!"

"Actually - you might have a point."


"Do you think he's gay?"

"I don't know, he's a techie it's hard to tell - all the time they spend in the dark. And if it's not a gobo they're not interested"

"I love gobos"

"You know, so do I"

"I had Gobo catalogues-"

"Hang on there - you had gobo catalogues?"

"Yes - I had seven, I had some gel samples too"

"It's a good job no one's listening to this conversation"

"He was all 'hello babe' this morning and I was all [girly, giggly voice] 'he-llo Alan'"

"You're bothered about the football?"

"Of course I am! I have a Fantasy Football Team!"

"Fantasy Football? Who's in your team? Alan Rickman? David Tennant?"

"I think you'll find that's a very different type of fantasy team".

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Jen said...

Oooh just imagine THAT fantasy team, those short shorts and the tight fitting tops...