Thursday, June 01, 2006

Did I Tell You The One About Two Literary Greats And A Parisian Art Deco Loo?

Did I Tell You The One About Two Literary Greats And A Parisian Art Deco Loo?

So, after a week of getting used to the life of doing lots of fun, interesting things without the need to work I'm back in Leeds. And tomorrow it's back to work. Bad Girls The Musical to be precise. I think that's what's called coming down to earth with a bump.

But before there was the bump there was - in no particular order - drag queens, celeb spotting, musicals, salted and unsalted butter, guidebooks, one of the best Shakespeare productions I've seen in a while, fake French, real French, being escorted to the toilet, Ginny Woolf memorials, lots of monuments, questionable stories about Fitzgerald and Hemmingway, laughing until I cried, pointing at Policemen and some rather nice ice cream. Oh and before I forget - let the world know: I ate frogs legs. And whilst they're not the most attractive thing to look at (and Nik and I refused to eat them with our hands) they really don't taste as you'd expect a frog to taste like. Not that I know what you'd expect a frog to taste like, since green and slimey isn't a flavour. But let me tell you should you spend the rest of your life in ignorance - they just taste of generic white meat.

So I've got two reviews, two 'Coza's Guides to...' and a little overview of Paris for you (though sadly no recipes on how to cook frogs). Not now because I've been filling in a job application this afternoon (and I've got two more to look forward to doing tomorrow) but just you hold on. Because they're going to be good. Some might even say mega.


Val said...

You really know how to keep your readers in suspense :-) Looking forward to reading your 'take' on Titus

Nik said...

Some might even say, that is whack.

cat said...

just like chicken, or so I've heard! x