Monday, May 08, 2006

"You're Cinematic Razor Sharp"

"You're Cinematic Razor Sharp"

Having almost completed the raft of applications for jobs in Edinburgh I had to go and get some passport size pictures to go with them. Which, in itself, isn't too much of a problem - that is if we discount the fact that I always look translucent on such photos. This time I managed to look like I'd been taking illegal substances, which is probably an improvement on being see through. No, the problem lies with the fact that to get the photos I had to walk past lots of shops. And I know that between shows on Saturday I had a wander into Leeds but that was different. Because who wants to buy things just after 5.00pm on a Saturday? Half of the stuff in Primark is on the floor anyway, so it's pretty safe.

Today meant walking past Woolworths. And normally Woolworths doesn't bother me as I'm past wanting a Barbie doll but at the moment they're having an "Entertainment Sale" which involves lots of CDs being at ridiculously cheap prices. And every time I've been past in the last couple of weeks I've been pulled in by the force of music-that-is-calling-to-be-put-in-my-collection. When there are CDs for under four pounds it is rude to leave them. So this drip of four pounds here, four pounds there, has lead me to some Embrace and some Razorlight that I never got round to buying and the discovery of Stephen Fretwell* whose album I bought on the strength of the facts: 1)he's a boy with a guitar 2)he has funny hair 3)there are 'this is tremendous' style comments from Athlete and Snow Patrol on the front on the CD. Which is probably not the way to chose music, but for four pounds who wouldn't? Today was another 'hey I wanted this but was so far into my overdraft that my bank manager would have personally come to see me if I bought it' so Travis's Singles joined the parade. And yes, I am aware that I have mutiple Travis albums already and could probably burn my own Singles CD if I so desired but this is the obsessive compulsive in me who needs the real thing. I'm the kind of girl marketing men love. Now I can pretend that I'm 18 again with a Travis poster on my wall and Sylvia Plath in my head.

As I'd been looking longingly at it in the reviews I also bought the new Snow Patrol album. And yes, I confess I jumped on the Snow Patrol bandwagon around the time of Final Straw but I can't be music-forward all the time, can I? I actually thought 'Final Straw' was a bit of a patchy album (especially towards its tail end) but I adore 'Chocolate' and 'Run' so I had them in my head as a-band-I-like. And when all the reviews go along the lines of 'this is THE BEST Snow Patrol Album in the history of the known universe' you marketing men will know that I'll want it.

My considered verdict? Well, they won me over on the second track** ('Hands Open') with the opening line "It's hard to argue when/ You won't stop making sense". I actually laughed out loud. And there are lots more moments of lyrical brilliance - and just a smidgen of oddness and saddness - that makes it a very good thing. Though there are points when you may well say, erm, haven't you used this intro before - like on all of your last album? But that's not something I'm going to hold against them, we've all been there***. So well done Snow Patrol, here's a gold star for you and go sit at the top of the class. Just next time try to hold in the desire for putting a track of 3:55 duration which consists of half-heard children's voices. That's just weird.

NB: Yet another line from a song as a blog title. We've been a bit over run with them in the last week or so. Bonus points, a DA badge and that smug feeling of knowledge if you can place them all without using google.

*Bonus points for a freaky, freaky website. Albeit one that doesn't seem to have been updated recently.

**I already knew that track one - 'You're All I Have' was brilliant so that doesn't count.

***Yes, Griffin, that includes you.

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Nik said...

I am seriously getting more and more scared about the one person theory.

*I was thinking today about how I should get the old Razorlight album.

*Over the Easter holidays I resisted buying the old Embrace album IN WOOLWORTHS thus demonstrating amazing will power.

*Today during one of the numerous times Radio 1 played Snow Patrol whilst I was in the library, I pondered over the fact that you'd probably bought it and I should steal it off you.