Tuesday, May 16, 2006

"Scream in, Scream Out"

"Scream in, Scream out"

It was Sunday morning, the sun was shining and we'd just been given our new green wristbands [which, helpfully, co-ordinated with my outfit]. Nik and I were waiting to go through the VIP gates - did you hear that at the back, the VIP gates. Gates for VIPs if you will - when who should appear at the other side of the fence but a certain Comedy Dave who was waiting for some people who were also coming through the VIP gate. Did you like how many times I mentioned the name of the gates in that sentence? Good. Once more for good measure? VIP gates.

Now twenty minutes or so earlier Dave had been on radio and it had been suggested that no one in the huge queue of normos* would shout for him. So - can you tell what is coming? - Nik and I immediately felt the need to yell 'Daaaaaaaaave!' at him. Which is possibly not the best thing to do when when you're in possession of the magic wristband lest the people at the gate think you're stalkers and eject you from Dundee before you can say 'but I haven't had any cake'. Thankfully Dave thought this funny rather than worthy of a restraining order and, once we were through the queue, deemed it ok to have a photo taken with us:

Comedy Dave

Obviously I'd lost Coco by this point, hence why I'm the only one without sunglasses. And if you're wondering why Dave looks menacing it's because that's how he looks in photos. If he smiles it's worse.

*Normos is the accepted term for normal people. Non VIPs if you will. Copyright Dave I believe.

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