Friday, May 19, 2006

"Now I've Had The Time Of My Life"

"Now I've Had The Time Of My Life"

Dundee, Dundee, so good they didn't name it twice. Of course I joke. It took me three days to live the experience and then five to blog about it. There were ten hours of travelling tucked away in there too so it's been epic in every sense of the word. I also seem to have managed to get an extra present from my time in Scotland - Dundee flu. I'm writing this between mouthfuls of lemsip (which is probably the reason for the particularly lame opening sentence) so in 48 hours I will undoubtedly read this and want to know what the heck I was going on about. Either that or I'll be slumped in the corner building on the lemsip addiction.

I have to commend the BBC for realising that blogging is the way forward and thus giving away tickets for this very reason. Should any other musical/cultural gathering (preferably somewhere hot but if not I'll settle for somewhere near a good pub) want their event covering on DA you know how to contact me. I don't take up much room and am willing to sit on the floor if necessary. I can also make myself available for weddings, christenings and other major family occassions. Imagine the day preserved in all its glory on DA? What's that? No? Have it your way then.

But, Radio One and One Big Weekend - DA salutes you.


Chris Moyles Karaoke

Wellies & Sunglasses

Comedy Dave

Saturday 1: Posh Young Farmer Boy, The Other Corinne, and not quite Gnarls Barkley and the Mystery Jets

Saturday 2: Orson, Razorlight and Dirty Pretty Things

Saturday 3: Snow Patrol

Sunday 1: The View, The Feeling, The Ordinary Boys and We Are Scientists

Sunday 2: Feeder, (no Mystery Guest), The Kooks, Pink, The Zutons and Keane.

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