Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"I'm Bound To Wander Down That One Way Road"

"I'm Bound To Wander Down That One Way Road"

You're probably wondering if amongst the VIP-ness, radio one DJ stalking and glasses losing escapades there was any actual music involved during my time in Dundee. Well, I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that there was. There was also bouncing, shouting, hopping and enough arm waving to put several Dundonians lives at risk but you'll just have to fill in the blanks for that.

First up on the Main Stage - which was like a giant circus tent, providing that a circus tent has a huge stage at one side - was Posh Young Farmer Boy. If you're wondering as to how he became so called, I coined it a couple of years ago when I - predictably - saw him at the Bedford. I'm not sure why other than that was how he looked at the time. It was also before I heard him speak with his very pronounced Scottish accent which might have impacted on the name. Needless to say he looked like he grew up in the country and was wearing the kind of effortless clothing I usually attribute to Posh Boys. And remember, I went to Oxford. I've known a lot of posh boys. So on comes Posh Young Farmer Boy not looking posh or like a farmer - though looking like a boy because, hey, that's what he is and he is still quite young. But two out of four two years down the line is not bad.

To my surprise, the crowd - possibly intending to camp out for the day with the kind of super human bladder strength I can only envy - was of a reasonable size. At the least I was pinned in somewhere around the middle and I couldn't see where they ended. And if they weren't quite ready to rock - it was early afternoon afterall and they hadn't made use of the bar yet - they were, as a commentator might say, up for it. Posh Young Farmer Boy sung three songs, the best of which was number two 'Last Request', his forthcoming single. And I awarded myself and Nik bonus points for knowing the words when no one else did. Because you know what this means. We're down with the new music. And I felt a little proud because he might not be one of my boys but he almost is. I gave him a pet name after all. And - in DA World - that stands for a lot. So - Posh Young Farmer Boy did good. And when he goes top ten you know DA will take it as a personal triumph and I will make big claims about having broken him to the world at large.

Next up on the Main Stage it was another of those singers who have graced DA's pages - The Other Corinne. I can't remember if she was introduced with the correct pronunciation but let's just assume that she was as it stops me having to descend into a four paragraph rant complete with phonetic spelling. When she appeared on stage she was wearing a gorgeous white dress and I have to give her special marks for upholding the good fashion sense of Corinnes everywhere because she is currently one of British Pop's Best Dressed Popstars (BPBDP's not a great acronym is it?). Popjustice haven't said that yet, but just you wait. And CBR understands that dressing for being onstage is an event and you shouldn't wander on in what you've been wearing all day. Because that's just lazy. For this alone she deserves several million selling albums, a Brit Award and a special fashion section in Heat.

CBR obviously didn't just come on stage just to look fashion forward, there was something about music in there too. Because she can sing. I already knew this from the Leadmill last month but it doesn't hurt for it to be reiterated, lest you think that all Corinnes sing like me. CBR's one of those odd singers who sounds exactly like she does on records when she sings live. Her voice is so clear and effortless it's striking and, despite the fact that I'm not usually a huge fan of female singers, I'm really liking her a lot at the moment. She was, however, the first person to demonstrate 'How To Screw Up A Set By Putting Your Most Recognisable Song Half Way Through'. When I saw her at the Leadmill I noted she'd played a curve ball by singing 'Put Your Records On' about two thirds of the way through the gig. Then it didn't matter too much, it was a room packed with CBR fans who undoubtedly had the album. Dundee's Big Circus tent, however, kind of knew 'Like a Star' but was really, really waiting for 'Put Your Records On' because - if only for how much it was plugged on the radio - everyone knows it. So once CBR had belted it out, and the crowd had sung their heads off to it, the atmosphere in the tent went down slightly and I witnessed the first of many post-famous-song-mass-exoduses even though CBR was still in full voice. But CBR shouldn't feel bad, I saw it happen to lots and lots of acts over the weekend. Maybe there needs to be a general memo to Pop about this phenomenon.

CBR was to be followed by Gnarls Barkley and though I am obviously a crusading music blogger with my finger on the pulse of modern culture there was no way in hell I was standing through the 20 minute set of someone whose current single makes my ears bleed. Seriously, if I don't hear 'Crazy' until the turn of the next century it will still be too soon. SO STOP BUYING IT. THAT MEANS YOU. Aherm, so I can't tell you what Mr Crazy sounded like, or what stupid outfit he'd chosen to wear, because I was seated on the grass outside the slightly smaller circus tent listening to the Mystery Jets set. But I can make it up if you'd like. He sung a couple of songs no one had heard of, then sang 'Crazy', which made the crowd have some kind of collective fit and was deemed to be enjoyable by all, and then he went off stage to sulk about the fact that someone from the BBC called him fat before he went on stage. See, I didn't need to see him. As for the Mystery Jets, well I don't really know their music but hey, there were guitars so - not bad. And they didn't make me choke on my chicken sandwich so all was right with the world.


Nik said...

The fat bloke story made NME mag, lol... that'll be the pretty yellow magazine with Razorlight on the front that is currently on my bed alongside all my revision notes...

My Secrets Inside said...

Oooh so is posh young farmer boy Paolo Nutini by any chance? If so I'm off to see him at the weekend hopefully :) I don't know about him being posh or a farmer but he is rather good looking IMO ;-) I'm still quite jealous of your outing though, I'm hoping to get to see Razorlight at some point, not sure quite when yet. I am glad you had a great, if somewhat bizare at times, time though. :D

My Secrets Inside said...

Oh and I forgot to say I shall hopefully be singing along to Paolo's set as I also know all the words ;-D :-)