Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I Now Know Where Fundee Is, If Only From The Map We Used To Plan Griffin's Kidnap

I Now Know Where Fundee Is, If Only From The Map We Used To Plan Griffin's Kidnap.*

I am not going to insinuate that Fundee doesn't have internet access, or electricity, or running water, or any of the other things that I associate with civilisation (namely cocktail bars, theatres and quirky shoe shops) but the fact remains that I suspect DA may be a bit quiet in the coming days. Which is ironic given that the reason that Nik won the tickets for One Big Weekend was blogging related. But they never mentioned wireless internet access in the hospitality deal so George is staying firmly at home. And - anyway - did you seriously expect me to be standing in the big circus tent bopping around with a laptop? No, no, no. I need my hands free so I can wave them in the air as much as is humanly possible whilst not decapitating anyone.

Before I can really think of Fundee though I've got two WYP shifts to work and a day in the office at Wetherby. Which means that the only chance I've got to pack is either i)this afternoon before I go to work or ii)Friday morning before I get on the four and a half hour train ride which awaits me. Today is too early (imagine how much I'd need an iron come Saturday morning) so Friday it's going to have to be. And that is not me being lazy, it's me being realistic. Plus I'm currently in denial about the weather over the weekend - obviously, in my head, since today is glorious the rest of May will be too. Come Friday when it's chucking it down I might be better prepared to pack the right clothing. And the wellies.

There is only one small downside of going to Fundee [and - let it be noted - that I don't actually believe I'm going yet, only when I'm on the train will I allow myself that thought or nothing will get done. Or at least even less than usual when the sun is shining and I've got Snow Patrol on full blast] and that is that I had plans for Saturday. Plans which involved Leeds, cocktails and the Riccardi boys. And you know how much I love the Riccardi boys. So I - and this is odd - feel a bit guilty. Like I'm cheating on them. And not just with anyone, oh no. With lots of boys with guitars. All in the name of dancing in a tent with 15,000 other people and getting some freebies. What can I say - I'm only human. My devotion can be bought. But then I feel guilty because of the free beer, and biscuits and CDs that the boys have flung my way. They've already paid for the devotion. And I feel more guilty because Fundee is going to be amazing, and it never crossed my mind that I might have to make a decision about it. There wasn't a decision to be made. I might be hopelessly loyal but I'm not stupid. Toodle pip, boys. Watch out for the bus lanes.

I can see where all this guilt is going though; it's going to end up in a nine hour coach journey to Bournemouth in July. On a par with walking to Canterbury I think. Posh Young Farmer Boy had better be good.

But, to return to where I started before my infidelity smacked me in the face, it looks like there will be no more blogs until Monday at the earliest. I'm not saying I won't throw a curve ball if I find ready internet access, if only to prove that it is possible to blog from Fundee. Otherwise you'll just have to paint a picture in your mind over the next few days.

The wellies are pink if you're wondering.

*Obviously I didn't buy it for this reason, I went round the lochs with it first I'll have you know. Only then did I use it to help plot a route from Whitby to Falkirk.**

**Obviously we didn't actually kidnap Griffin. Or plan said kidnap in any real detail. That's the crucial difference between stalking and non-stalking I'll have you know.


Nik said...

I feel really guilty too and am probably going to the Bedford which will be my game of how many times can Nik go back and forth between Birmingham and London. And you know I'm going to end up in Bournemouth anyway.

I don't have wellies. Pink or otherwise. Well they wouldn't be pink. They would be blue.

bec said...

wispers *MSN convo logs*


Nik said...

shut up becky :P


Anonymous said...

Oh. My. God.
For someone so aptly named, I am exceptionally speechless!

How the Hell are you??? Its wonderful to see you're alive and well.

Now then, you're probably wondering who this is.

Its the former Miss Handley, and I found you on MySpace!

Take care, ok.

Gabby x

Corinne said...

Ooo, Gabby! MySpace is a wonderful thing - lovely to hear from you, now I'm just going to have to track you down on there! ;-)

Becky - :-P