Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I Know, I Only Just Came Back

I Know, I Only Just Came Back

It only seems like two minutes since I blogged that DA was going a bit quiet because I was going to Dundee. Maybe that's because it took me for ever to finish blogging about it, but we'll lay that to one side. Such is my cosmopolitan lifestyle though, it's time for another mini break. Tomorrow I'm going to London - to see Whistle Down The Wind. On Thursday it's Titus at the Globe (feel my excitement) and then I'm being dragged to see Lily Allen in the evening. Friday I may have to do something incredibly geeky that I've been wanting to do for a while, clue: think my spiritual literary home. And then on Saturday I'm off to Paris in honour of Nik's birthday. DA will subsequently be adorning Parisian chic for the next few days and avoiding anything to do with The Da Vinci Code. Even now I think that's going to be a fruitless task somehow.

So now there's just the small matter of: i)packing ii)stocking up on lemsip iii)re-packing because I've forgotten something iv)going to work tonight v)getting the right train tomorrow. Oh and remembering some French.

Salut! A la semaine prochaine!*

See, as the Meatloaf song goes, it's all coming back to me now.

*Goodbye! See you next week. **

**I hope.

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Nik said...

firstly, eurostar are closely connected with the davinci code, so we're screwed.
secondly, le singe dans l'arbre