Tuesday, May 16, 2006

"I Felt The Earth Beneath My Feet"

"I Felt The Earth Beneath My Feet"

Let's not forget that we were in a big field on the outskirts of Dundee. And if there's a field you know what that means:


I think in general that the world doesn't have enough pink wellies in it. And though people laughed when I bought them nearly two years ago, I think they've proved their worth. Even if they haven't seen much mud. Or snow. Or countryside. They have, however, seen life. Which is much more important I think we can agree.

On a less amusing sartorial note if Dundee meant hello to the wellies at their first musical outing then it also meant goodbye to one of last year's constant companions. Coco the sunglasses. I wish there was some great dramatic story, something on a par with the destruction wrought on my previous pair but there isn't. All I can say is that Coco had a few happy hours - she'd just finished bouncing to Dirty Pretty Things and was happily in the Star Bar area. Then, some time during my being in the toilet queue and coming out of the rather swish portacabin, she'd disappeared. I went and checked for her but she was gone. I even checked lost property. But no. Which has to lead me to the conclusion that she was snaffled in the Guest Area loos. What a way to go.


val said...

At least they didn't vanish in the great travelodge triangle!

Nik said...

I really want those spotted wellies...or blue ones.

zelda said...

Great wellies. I like the idea of those adjustable bits at the side. They look comfy enough to wear all day.