Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Where I Am Slightly Nervous

Where I Am Slightly Nervous

Before I got distracted by work, non-blog writing and non-stalking I may have made mention to fact that I had to write a ten minute piece for a showcase at the WYP. Well, after five weeks of Mark Catley dispensing words of wisdom, and the running time of the piece being reduced to 7 minutes (or 5 minutes if you're a nice, conscientious student) and a couple of weeks of swearing on my part on Monday afternoon I handed in something resembling a piece of writing. It's basically me eating SSoB and Four Chords, though I like to think of it as a little coda to the latter. So it's called - at the moment at least - 'REM's Back Catalogue' and the only way it will come in under five minutes is if the actors all speak at the same time.

But today, balanced between a Senior Attendant meeting and a pressing date with Henry VI, I've got to go to the rehearsal. Where proper, paid actors will be reading my words and Catley will be pulling his hair out over the length of the piece. So expect to hear my cringing across the length of the country.

Then tomorrow night some time after eight I - and indeed the general public - get the pleasure of seeing mine and everyone else's work in one of the rooms of the WYP. Eeek.

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Nik said...

oh no, does this mean i have to get nervous again? *rolls eyes*
good luck babe, i'm sure it'll be great and everyone will love it. just remember, quartet is shit. it'll never be that bad. xx