Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Sweet Smell of Winning

The Sweet Smell of Winning

Sometimes I win things. And other times I don't (usually because I've refused to play). This would be a time for winning.

I have one name to say to you: Numbersixvalverde.

Try saying that when you're drunk. Which, knowing my alcohol capacity, might easily happen if I were to spend my Grand National winnings in the confines of a bar. Especially if the bar had a 2 For 1 offer.


Nik said...

well done dude :)
when i was little we went to the grand national and i won two quid, i was so proud lol.
apparently chappers, or chopper as scott has taken to calling him after gareth called him that the other day, was going to place a bet on numbersixvalverde but played footy instead lol.

Billygean said...

I bet 50p on a nice white horse when I was little and I lost and couldn't fathom not getting my money back!!