Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Sound of Summer

The Sound of Summer

Maybe because the sun is shining and yesterday - shock horror - I went outside without wearing a jumper my thoughts have turned to summer. Because the next thing it'll be the World Cup and then Wimbledon and before you know it we'll have hit that one week a year where the sun comes out and I get heat stroke. Which makes me think a few things (other than the need to invest in Factor 30):

1. I need some new summer clothes. Nothing fancy - because I've already spent my fancy budget on the summer dress I wore to Movin' Out - but things like new t-shirts and vests because these are things which you can't really recycle year to year, however white the soap powder adverts say them can get them.

2. I need some new flip flops. I have some nice black ones that will still work as I only wore them briefly last year but I need some general every day ones, if only to give my ballet pumps a break.

3. I need a job over the summer. Potentially bigger than either of the two above, if only for the fact that I don't particularly want to spend the majority of my summer in a hut in the middle of a building site this year. As much as I enjoyed the commuting into Leeds with the hoards and police with guns on the platform.

Now you might note that I already have jobs. But the crucial point here is that the WYP goes dark for all of August, and we're only on conferences in July. Which means that - excluding the training courses we're being made to do - the WYP is not going to keep me in non-stalking funds. And whilst I could probably get lots of holiday cover in Wetherby if there is another option out there I will be taking it. Because writing about foundations sends you slowly and progressively insane. So in a bid to rectify the situation I've spent the morning pulling off as many application forms as possible for temporary work in Edinburgh during the festival. The aim with this is not so much to make money [even for the flip flop fund] as to maybe-just-about-cover-costs and hopefully more importantly get some experience. Not to mention getting the chance to see lots and lots of theatre.

4. I need to book in the time to mourn Tim Henman. Sorry, Murray, but we don't have the history yet.

5. I need to study all the Paris guidebooks in my possession as the trip that was planned before my birthday - in the bleak days of mid January - is now less than a month away. And I still don't know enough to confidently proclaim the sentence "according to my guidebook..."

6. On a not unrelated note I also need to brush up on my French. Or we'll be stuck with Nik asking about swimming pools with libraries.

I'm sure winter wasn't this involved. And definitely didn't involve getting my blue legs out.


Nik said...

Lmao @ the last point. I am going to blog now but I want it noted that I came on to blog before I read your entry. Thank you please.

Nik said...

La bibliotheque don la piscine avec la vache