Monday, April 24, 2006

Made Glorious Summer By This Son of York

Made Glorious Summer By This Son of York

I have a proper blog to write about the experience of working a Trilogy day at the WYP because, whether you find it interesting or not, I think it's something I want in my blog. After all it's writing about seven hours of Will Shakespeare. In one day. Complete with My Richard*. What more can you want?

But, for now, I'm just going to take the step of plugging the tour on DA. If you're a regular on here you might have realised that I don't plug WYP shows, even when they're going on tour away from the bus lanes and one way systems of Leeds. But I'm making an exception for - as the poster bills it - "Shakespeare's Wars of the Roses". I'm not saying that the shows (there are three of them: Henry VI, Edward IV and Richard III) are better than anything else I've seen in the last seven months, or that they don't have their flaws (principally some of Will's patchy script for at least the first play) but they are energetic and charismatic pieces of theatre. They also speak loudly and articulately about the North and its history. There's certainly nothing stuffy about them, and the accents alone should have you in raptures.

So, if the tour's coming anywhere near you, I'd recommend that you hot foot it down. Obviously Richard III's the part that everyone comes to see but if you're willing to take a curve ball (and can't do them both, though I'd suggest that everyone should) go for Edward IV - the ending alone is worth the price of the ticket. Just make sure you give an extra whoop for Rutland/ Richard of York for me.

And, just to prove that I'm putting my money where my mouth is, I'm going to see it again when it comes to Scarborough. Ooo, it's a hard life.

*Crush Situation: Pretty much terminal. I'm blaming it on the fact he had a haircut. And started coming into the Green Room.

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