Thursday, March 16, 2006

You'd Never Guess He's Been Dead 200 Years

You'd Never Guess He's Been Dead 200 Years

Number of people commenting on my reading material whilst being cloakroom queen: a million.

Best quote: [from the cutest old lady ever] "Byron - that's going to be spicy!"

Best story: An American telling me he'd been to Greece and seen the 'Hellespont' which Byron famously swam - and being genuinely impressed at how far it was.

Least amusing quotes: everyone who asked if the book was just for show.

Favourite Spotted:

D: "Did you see that man, he looks just like Byron"

Me: "Where?!"

D: [not so discreetly gesticulating in said man's general direction] "Look at his profile"

Me: "Oooo, he's got Byron's nose!"

Award for Byron Mania:

D: "Oscar Wilde had green teeth"

Me: "I didn't know that"

D: "Green teeth and a flat face"

Me: "It doesn't surprise me - I mean from the photos - he's no Byron"

D: "Byron. Is anyone?"

[Let the records show that we love Oscar as well, but - it has to be accepted - Byron wins on this count]

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Billygean said...

Aaah that blog affected my sexuo-emotional (i LOVE making up critico-combined words) state rather a worrying amout :D