Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Mini Adventure (Part Two

A Mini Adventure (Part Two)

I think it's officially time for an update on how my somewhat-misguided writing challenge is going. You can read part one - where I explain what I'm doing - here.


As asserted no writing today - well, no writing of 'Corinne's New Play' [CNP] but I manage to blog, work on DA's new project and come up with a monlogue in ten minutes during SYWTBAW?. Which means - in my head at least - I am forgiven.


I've got to get some other writing related things out of the way today. I type up notes and monologue from last night's class and have a bit of a play with 'the Ballad of Alan Smith' while it's fresh in my mind. I also sort out and send my entry for the Young European Playwrights' Forum which amuses me greatly if only for the fact that I'm going international for the first time. Germany admittedly, but international nonetheless. And - if you hadn't noticed - I blog. See how good I am?

Which all leaves me with about an hour to write CNP what with having to get ready to go to the WYP. Which might not be quite as good. I press ahead, however, and write all of three pages. Hey, every little bit counts.

Work 'Three Sisters' at the WYP which amuses me given that CNP is about, well, three sisters. I don't know Chekov's play but assume from the fact that this version is set in Trinidad during the second world war that it's not a literal translation. I enjoy the first half but the second half seems to dribble away to nothing - and I'm dissapointed because I managed to work out what the ending was going to be about five minutes into the play. And I can't quite work out if this is because the production was too heavy handed with the clues or if I've seen too many productions of this type of play. But I think it's been a nice run of programming to have had Hedda Gabler, Nights at the the Circus and Three Sisters at the WYP which have all mused on question of female power and freedom. And I know that they've all played their part in CNP.


I write the annual Griffin blog-letter which takes longer than I thought it would because I become oddly tongue tied in the middle of it.

Then I - finally - finish Act One of CNP. I decide to keep the big obstacle at the end of this act as it helps the momentum of the play. Watch out all you characters in Act Two.

Work 'Scuffer' - it's Press Night so the theatre is filled with all the people who work upstairs in the WYP and who we rarely see on any other occassion. As I have a long talk with my boss on my future at the WYP [thankfully not in a 'you don't have one' kind of way] I don't see any of Scuffer. But what's that? Free wine? Free Food? And karaoke? Oooooo. I like Press Nights.


Up late today, for self explanatory reasons. I am, therefore I blog.

Start Act Two - the last character I've to introduce makes his appearance. Write ten pages without a problem. Plan to write some more in the evening but find myself inexplicably tired [am I getting the flu that is currently afflicting every other person in my house? ] so I don't.


Despite some good progress in the past two days I've now got the fear that I'm not going to finish this before I go a-stalking next week. But I refuse to be defeated, even by my own procrastination. Write another ten pages, all of which are meaty, interesting stuff and I'm pretty pleased with four of the five characters in the play who are starting to push me in certain ways. I can't work out what's going on between two of the characters and I'm not sure what kind of conclusion I can give it. But I'm still in the mire of the second act, so I shouldn't worry too much about that. Yet.

I re-read the first 50 pages of CNP out of fear that it's going to be too disjointed and - after quite liking it - I discover what happens when you do all the planning and writing for a play in 12 days - INCONSISTENCES. A couple are just little slips, easily fixed [like someone being alive in the first scene but then supposedly having been dead for a few years in scene three which takes place approximately three weeks later] and a more major one [a change in character, given that I decided midway through writing to turn a character upside down in a bid to see if I could write a sympathetic Tory]. As I've been writing I've become progressively aware that I'm pulling together lots of different threads together and I think it remains to be seen if I can do this in a satisfactory manner within the realms of the play.

Eek, I don't blog.

Which brings us to today [flu situation: chest very tight, which clearly means my hopes of a Commonwealth Medal are to be dashed] when I've got Act Two to finish.

To be continued...

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Ha ha, Birmingham had Three Sisters before Leeds :P That is all.