Monday, March 13, 2006

A Mini Adventure (Part One)

A Mini Adventure (Part One)

Inspired by another blogger's escapades on writing a script in four days I thought that I might attempt something similiar. Not identical because I'm under no illusions about the ability I have to get distracted. But I thought that I might try a slightly extended version of the task, just to see how reasonably quickly I can write a full length play, even given distractions like paying work, non-stalking and google. I was going to keep the project entirely quiet until the time period was over but - as is my perogative - I changed my mind. Plus if it's on here then I have to finish the bloody thing or you will all point and laugh at me.

So - armed with the two sheets of A4 that had been the product of those days when my brain was trying to avoid having to start the re-write for Four Chords and a further two sheets that gave a scene breakdown - on Friday I started work on 'Corinne's New Play'. Now I don't feel bad about it not having a title - even though SSoB and Four Chords had one at this stage (though SSoB's was slightly different, fact fans) - because until the day before the print was due for Closer the official title of the play was 'Patrick Marber's New Play'. And if it's good enough for Paddy then it's good enough for me.

My timescale for something resembling a first draft is March 21st. Given that I'm going a-stalking on the 23rd that gives me one day if-I-really-need-it. But hopefully I won't. Every couple of days or so I'll do an update on here. So to get you up to speed:

Ooo, I'm a proper writer. And I've got three whole days ahead of me with no commitments other than to write, write, write. I wake up thinking about the structure and whether I need to push one of the major obstacles I'm throwing at my characters back an act. I decide I'll see how things are going when I reach the end of the first act where the obstacle should be.

I write the first 16 pages without a glitch. I can't quite work out what's going on between two of the characters but - hey, they'll hopefully divulge it to me in time. Or if not I'll beat them with the threat of the delete key.

I go to bed happy. And slightly smug.

I don't manage to hit the ground running today as there's sport on the tv. And I can watch any sport - excluding golf, boxing and curling - for any amount of time. I'm good though and stop watching the Chelsea/Spurs game at half time and manage 8 pages in the afternoon. Plus it doesn't matter because I can press on in the evening now that Strictly Ice Dancing has finished.

The press on turns into a dribble as I find myself updating - and adding - various bits of software for George. This takes a while and slows down George so I listen to a couple of podcasts instead. I end up writing a couple more pages at speed so I can claim that I actually did take advantage of the post Strictly Ice Dancing lull.

Ah, there's Manchester Utd vs Newcastle on the tv. And - hey - Declan Donnelly's in the crowd (laughing and clapping when Gary Neville gets hit in the face with a ball). Newcastle play like my local park team and I say insulting things about their defence.

Still got ages to write after this though - so it won't matter if I write some emails, or play with some of the new software. Two hours later when I'm in the midst of planning DA's next assault on world domination (you should be excited, I am) I realise that 'Corinne's New Play' isn't going to write itself so I write enough pages to get my total up to 30. And then accept that I want to do more work on DA's new project so give in for the day.

Which is where we stand now. I'm not writing today - in preparation for creative bursts at tonight's SYWTBAW? class - so I'm spending the next couple of hours on getting the rough version of the new project (did I mention it?) ready. But I'm quite pleased as those 30 pages equal a good chunk of Act 1. So I'm almost a third of the way there.

To be continued...

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