Sunday, March 26, 2006

If Only I Couldn't Remember This

If Only I Couldn't Remember This

I think this firmly stands as a conversation not to have when the primary object of your non-stalking over the past two and a half years is sitting at the next table:

S: Have you emailed John Barrowman yet?

C: [loudly as blood is 50% riccardi and coke] No - I thought I'd leave that until I've actually met him - I don't want it to come across as stalking yet.

Hushed silence in horror of what I've just said.

V: You might not want to say that... [gestures to adjacent table]

C: [loudly again because I have no volume control when it comes to embarrassing situations] It doesn't matter - it's not like I'm talking about STALKING HIM. I just stalk other people.
This isn't sounding good is it?

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Nik said...

So the volume, was it like Nik volume, or louder?! Pretty impressive going either way, in future maybe these kinds of conversations should be conducted on post-it notes... xx