Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Are You Scared Yet?

Are You Scared Yet?

You know when I had that incredibly stupid idea to write a play from scratch in 12 days (13 at the outside)? Let me just say that I will not be doing this again.

But whilst I am stressing about final scenes and whether it's a cop out to have one of my character's hit someone offstage (thereby depriving everyone of a good fight) it's time to reveal the rough edit of DA's extra-special-very-exciting-new-feature:

*drum roll please*

DA now has its own podcast! DACast to be precise (that's D-A-Cast if you're wondering, rather than da-cast). You can download the mp3 from DACast's blog here. And no, you don't need an ipod to listen to it, just download as you would any sort-of-legal download from the internet.

Now I have to go because a charcter is bleeding over the sofa and I can't have that.


Val said...

Ok - I don't actually understand what a podcast is and I definately don't understand how you can podcast a blog (I need a very confused smilie here) - but I guess I'll find out!

My Secrets Inside said...

I've listened to your DAcast. It's great for your first podcast :-)Although was it just my computer or did the sound stop for awhile in the middle? :-)