Thursday, February 16, 2006

We shared a moment that will last to the end

We shared a moment that will last to the end

When I came home from the WYP last night I switched on to Sky News in a bid to find out some of the results from the Brits. Instead I was confronted with footage of a car travelling down a road. I'm aware that watching such footage is almost a national pastime in the USA but I'd hoped that along with baseball, families in matching tracksuits and having the letters 'e' and 'r' the wrong way round in words* this was something that we'd wisely decided to ignore. Half an hour later and the car was still on my screen. And I was more worried about the American system of justice than ever before. Because whilst I couldn't have told you who won awards at the Brits I could have told you the ins and outs of the evidence in a case that hasn't even gone to trial yet. It almost feels like they might as well go down the whole Queen of Hearts route and remove trial and verdict altogether and go straight to sentence. The could even make it a primetime show.

At something to midnight, having gathered from the rolling news along the bottom of the screen that my almost neighbours** the Kaiser Chiefs and my certainly not a neighbour James Blunt had won awards of some description, I gave it up as a bad job, figured I'd hear the results on the radio in the morning and went to bed.

So this morning it emerges that there have been no surprises, and certainly nothing as exciting as Jarvis Cocker's arse appearing on stage. And if Sir Robert of Williams has had a place in my musical heart for over half of my life then I was still pleased about Blunt winning best male solo artist over Rob. I was pleased after all the snipey, half baked insults that had been directed at him over the last few months. It annoys me intensely that because someone is popular to a particular demographic and subsequently sells a hell of a lot of records they can be shot at from seemingly 'credible' people. Blunt is in no sense 'cool' [horrid word that it is], but a heck of a lot of people like him. And whilst a heck of a lot of people by the same reckoning must like the crazy frog and/or Akon Blunt is different. And not just because I'd rate his 'Back to Bedlam' as one of my favourite albums of the last year.

There are largely two reasons why I like Blunt so much, the result of which being that I suspect that his album may end up in the small selection of albums I play long after I first buy them. Firstly - I like his voice. It's unusual and slightly quirky if possibly *whisper* a bit nasal. It moves me. Secondly - his lyrics. Because he does that thing that I think all writers should do. He's honest. When you listen to his songs it feels like he's lost something of himself in writing them. They've cost him something. And I love that.

There are some things that I don't understand about the Blunt fanclub - largely as to why 'You're Beautiful' has ended up as a wedding song stalwart. It's an incredible song - powerfully hopeful and intensely beautiful - but it's also painful and about pure but ultimately unrequited love. Word freak that I am it makes me want to scream that people should listen to the lyrics, not to what they want it to be saying. In general to look beyond the obvious in Blunt to the idiosyncratic.

But I was pleased for Blunt. Pleased and a little shocked that for someone with such a received-pronounciation accent he talks incredibly quickly.Seriously it's a combination I've never heard before. And I confess it freaked me out a bit.

* I'm sorry 'theater' or 'center'? Never mind the phonetics, it's wrong.

**Neighbours in the sense that they're from Leeds too.


Nik said...

First of all, center looks ok but it goes a bit wrong on theater. And just to annoy you...honor. I still write that sometimes, by accident, in my notes. I do it with colo[u]r sometimes too.

Second of all, *adds James Blunt to list of arguments underneath Robbie* Sorry, I'm with Chris on that one.

gayle said...

I'm sure I posted a comment a comment on here earlier. Have I been deleted or are gremlins at work?