Sunday, February 26, 2006

Some Sort of Anniversary

Some Sort of Anniversary

There are undoubtedly many things I should be doing than writing this, possibly not least working on Four Chords as I have less than 48 hours to finish the second draft. I also owe you part four of my London adventures. But both of those things will have to wait. At least for a few minutes. Because today is an anniversary that I need to mark and as I'm going to see Posh Young Farmer Boy tonight I'm going to have to mark it now or it will slip - like Alan Rickman's 60th birthday* - into the realms of things that I really should have blogged about but didn't get round to.

Which possibly makes you wonder what the heck I'm talking about. Four words for you. Some Sort of Beautiful. A year ago today was SSoB's final performances in the Old Fire Station Theatre. I spoke to judges about politics and, less convincingly, Greece. Nik and Gayle gave me a piece of table-cloth as a present. I recognised Paddy Marber from the back of his head. SSoB won awards. Its direct rival didn't. Some of my favourite people in the world came to see the evening performance. It finally sunk in that these were my words, my characters, in a theatre played to an audience who actually responded. It marked the end of an incredibly exciting, sometimes bruising, few months of my life. And I came out of it with some incredible memories, a bit more belief and Jay's empty whisky bottle.

There have been numerous moments over the past five or six years of my life where an event, or decision, has sent me spinning in a different direction to the one I could ever have imagined. And I think I owe a lot of where I am now to SSoB. Not only did it allow me to swing a few metaphorical doors shut but it also gave me the confidence to be doing what I'm doing now. At its most extreme, without SSoB I might have been two thirds of the way towards being a teacher. I certainly wouldn't have been pondering about some more pesky characters, or deadlines, or working at the WYP.

And if SSoB's anniversary makes me look back then it also makes me look to where I am now. Four Chords has come to life. In just over a week I start the 'So You Want To Be A Writer?' course. On Tuesday morning I've an interview for a job at the WYP that would still give me reams of writing time but would allow me to say goodbye to the Admin Monkey stuff. Nothing may come of any of those things. But they're all part of why I'm hugely excited about where I'm going and what I'm doing. And none of it would have been possible were it not for SSoB.

So, Julia, Sophie, Jay, Harry, Kate and of course Will - thank you. Whatever I do subsequently you will always have a special place in my heart.

*How is he 60? How? And is it wrong that I still would?


Nik said...

Some quick points:

But I never got to yell, "Harry!"

The tablecloth was a great present, it was thoughtful!

"Quartet is s**t."
[When it didn't win] "See, told you Quartet was s**t!"

"I was predicting your script, I knew he was going to say sheep"

"How many programmes shall we get? How many did your parents buy?"
"Erm. Maybe we'll just get one then"

"We're not leaving til we get thrown out!"

Seriously though Corinne, I was immensely proud of you that night, not least because you managed to find a venue with a tubicle...
Cwtch. xx

Billygean said...

I wish I could have come.

Will is one of those bad men we would shag, right?

I'm afraid you're alone on the Rickman thing. Sixty? Honestly. They'll be sooo much criticism on these remarks of yours when you make it.


PS. Yes I blogged about you. With no sense of anonymity (?). I didn't even link to you. Why? Because I think my readers get the message; I've linked to you about nine times!

Nik said...

I agree with Gilly on the Rickman thing.As for Will, well the guy who played Will was cute...

gayle said...

Ah, the of the most surreal yet most hilarious moments of my life. x

Val said...

Coza, you're never alone on the Rickman thing - I so would! ;-)

One year eh? It was bloody cold in Oxford!

cat said...

Rickman? it's not wrong, I would. is that saying much?

I seem to have blanked much of that Oxford experience from my memory, turning grey with cold whilst waiting for the crappest taxi ever will do that to you, but thank you for sharing that night, that experience with us!


Shona said...

Belated Happy Anniversary wishes, it was a great night. Mr Rickman ... well if I wasn't happily married I might well be tempted!!!
PS I think my eyes are going, as I was wondering why you were saying goodbye to the Arctic Monkeys!?*$?