Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Show me the money!

Show me the money!

It is fair to say things that a girl never wants to hear. Along with 'is that a grey hair?' [the answer would be yes, it's undoubtedly caused by something I did in a previous life] and 'I'm going to save Stefan' [look, I'm not getting over this any time soon. I know how to hold a grudge] this week has also managed to yeild:

"You'd make a good quantity surveyor!"

[from look of total horror on my face]

"You would. And they want women to join the construction industry".

Needless to say I have never considered a career which principally consists of telling clients that we need more money and telling sub contractors that they need less. Plus the suggestion means that I haven't managed to hide my scary side well enough for a career where there is an award for 'Most hated QS'.

"Somehow I don't think so".

"You do know it's £40,000 a year?"

"Where do I sign up?"


cat said...

I just heard that a regional manager for Aldi would make about that much too, sod the bloody vocation, I'm outta here!

Val said...

As one grudge holder to (it seems) another - bring on the scary side, you know it makes sense ;-)

gayle said...

I've always loved Aldi...