Monday, February 27, 2006

The One With Four Parts: "We're Going To Take Chris Back To Topshop!"

The One With Four Parts: "We're Going To Take Chris Back To Topshop!"

Somehow, over the course of some text messages exchanged when I was on a train to Manchester, it was decided that 2006 would be the year of the non-stalking of the Radio One Breakfast show. Non-stalking in the way that only someone who has previous form of loitering near Radio Stations can say is non-stalking [it's a fine line].

So this is the reason why Nik and I ended up encountering Kanye West and his entourage [who were all incredibly badly dressed]. It's also the reason we encountered Jo Whiley. But I'm not blogging about that as I'm emailing it to Heat's spotted page. It was also the reason why on Tuesday morning I remembered just how god-damn-scary this non-stalking lark is. After all this is cold calling and I haven't had much experience of that. Maybe the night that we trailed to the hotel where the Boro Christmas Lights Dinner was taking place and I pretended I was from Southampton counted as cold calling, but, hey, we'd been schmoozing with Griffin backstage for all of two and a half minutes earlier on in the day so we were all practically best friends. The first time I met Fox doesn't really count either as he'd been told that we were coming to see him [thanks Val] and he kind of knew who we were anyway ["the Northern Division!"]. So we're talking a clutch of stage doors, most of which don't count as that's stage dooring. And lots of people stage door. It remains that lots of people do not loiter in a cafe near to Radio One.

As it was it was incredibly cold. Which made hanging around more problematic than it's been at other radio stations [yes, there have been many, many other radio stations]. Which meant that we were rather lightweight in our non-stalking efforts, lasting just over an hour.

But an hour is all it takes to have seen other stalkers ["Is he waiting for Kanye?" "From one stalker to another, yes"] and managed to tick five of the nine people involved in the Breakfast show off our list. That we were principally interested in the four we didn't see is neither here nor there, because we are nothing if not patient - and what is a New Year Resolution about if you don't have all year to complete it? Plus we now have new best friends in the shape of Joss and Tash who work on the show who were absolutely lovely, and Tash had a fab spotted headband on which is always going to garner respect from me.

So, as with all good stories, watch this space...


Nik said...

Just to be pedantic, because if you're best friends with someone you should know how to spell their name*, Joce is spelt J-O-C-E because it is short for Jocelin. And Tash rocks, not just because of the headband, but also because she appreciates the dinosaurs! xxx

*Next time we shall be testing them on how to spell Corinne...

Nik said...

"[pause] he is wearing a cardigan."